Jupiter Farms - One of the best communities to buy a home in Palm Beach county

September 7, 2016

When searching for the perfect place to call home, many questions come to mind and a variety of qualifications must be met. Is this place safe? Who resides here and why? What can I expect from the community? Jupiter Farms is a community with a touch of modernity mixed with rural charm, great local schools, low crime rates, and first class houses that would delight even the choosiest of buyers. This quaint town in Palm Beach County excels in all these areas, providing its residents with safe, beautiful places to call home.

                  Since its quiet, humble beginnings as a ranching and agricultural community, all who came to what would be known as Jupiter Farms knew this land had a special, country appeal. In 1923, modern development began with drainage canals that were dug for vegetable crops, allowing this 8,000-acre parcel to be very successful. In the 1950s, this simple ranching community was populated with cowboys, their many animals, and various crops of vegetables. Heralded for its indigenous beauty, more people came to the secluded Jupiter Farms. In the early 1960s, residential homes began to be built, with the first ones completed in the late 60s/early 70s. From 1980-1995, this 12.5 square mile area went from 400 to 3,000 residences, booming in popularity. The challenge then became about preserving “The Farms” beloved aesthetic while accommodating the influx of interested buyers.

                  The early residents of Jupiter Farms knew their beloved land would need to be protected to preserve the uniqueness they fell in love with for future generations. In 1994, the leaders of the new community laid the foundation for how their town would be developed. They agreed their city would strive to retain its natural attractiveness while remaining focused on a positive perception in the surrounding communities. They desired to keep farming, animals, wildlife, and natural harmony a part of Jupiter Farm’s future and their ideas are a reality today. The area retains its idyllic appeal they sought to preserve and attracts more buyers every year. The community still has an active board with an up to date website serving the public and keeping their residents involved in the future of their town.

                  Jupiter Farms prides itself on being family oriented, with safe parks and schools for its children. The majority of residents are married, middle class families, making this location ideal for raising children in a tight knit, safe community. The Loxahatchee river provides not only wild beauty, but a place where families and guests can canoe and admire the wildlife. The area is right next to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean for plentiful water recreation and renowned dining experiences by the iconic lighthouse. In addition, it offers state parks, horseback and boat tours, trails in the Northeast Everglades, and plenty of places to hang back, relax, and go fishing.

                  With the current population just under 13,000, Jupiter Farms is not as countrified as it once was, but it is by no means a crowded place. The Farms retains its small town vibe without feeling isolated. The current number of households is 4,749 with the majority of jobs being white collar. The median age is 44 and it is still a community with mostly married inhabitants. Job growth continues to be positive and home appreciation is rising. As an up and coming city, Jupiter Farms is definitely a place that is becoming more desirable as each year passes.

                  One current project underway in Jupiter Farms is the conversion of actor Burt Reynold’s estate into 30 new opulent, custom homes. The “Smokey and the Bandit” actor has owned the estate, complete with a petting zoo, since the 1980s. The home was built in 1923 by none other than Al Capone, the infamous gangster, for a private place to relax. With a long and varied history as a secluded getaway for notable persons, this 150-acre ranch will now itself make the conversion from country farm to upscale domiciles for those looking to live on a custom, 1.5 acre, state-of-the-art house in the most up and coming area in Jupiter. The new development will feature the highest end, tailor made homes with exceptional community aspects, such as the equestrian facilities, nearby beach, fantastic restaurants and shopping centers, entertainment, and well maintained golf courses.

                  With humble, cowboy beginnings, this agricultural community has done what so few towns accomplish; successfully transferring into the modern age while simultaneously retaining its original allure. The Loxahatchee river looks as it did to the Indians who used its majestic pathways as a trade route. Everything that has been built has been done so with the place’s native beauty in mind, seeking to enhance the landscape without diminishing it. Brand new, upscale homes enjoy nature at its finest in an area that preserves the iconic look of tropical Florida. If you are looking for a town to live in where nature meets modernity, you are likely to find the perfect, luxury home here in Jupiter Farms.

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